The Seal Safety Stamp

Jun 14, 2021 | News

With the safety of Australia’s delivery drivers currently at the front of the industries minds after the rapid expansion of businesses like Menulog, Ubereats and the likes. The desire for fast, on demand delivery services has skyrocketed from the fast-food industry to online shopping and consumers are expecting more and more. But in a sector with minimal labour laws and companies walking a fine line with their contractors & employees, who will ultimately pay the price?


With the fast rise for this demand the government has been regularly called on by not only the unions but also the public to step in and regulate the industry. With the deaths of five food delivery workers in 2020 alone should be prompting calls for regulations to make the industry safer.


SEAL Logistics has taken this onboard when looking at partnering with carriers and has decide to ensure all carriers have safety programs in place for all employees and contractors. A prime example of this is when we decide to partner with Couriers Please earlier this year. Over the past 12 months Couriers Please has seen rapid growth mainly due the pandemic-induced “click frenzy” which saw them increase their franchise network by 50%.


Despite this sudden growth Couriers Please has keep the health and safety of franchisees and drivers at the forefront of the business with a program called “Get Home Safe”. As well as enforcing high levels of cleanliness and compliance to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak, they also ensured drivers were not putting themselves at risk due to the demand of deliveries.


As an essential service, SEAL Logistics needs to have the reinsurance we will be able to continue operating through lockdowns and couriers please and the rest of our preferred carriers were able to do this for us. Thanks to the stringent safety measures that were put in place like contact-free deliveries, sanitation stations at depots and private testing whenever a potential link was identified. Like most businesses, embracing rapidly changing environments and ensuring the safety of all our partners employees, contractors and most of all our customers has set a standard for the industry for success.


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