How a Multi-carrier shipping model can help turbo charge your business and save you time!

Jun 21, 2021 | News

We have all at some point wonder if we are getting the best deal possible when it comes to shipping, however a lot of us sit back and say it’s a cost of business and if it works don’t mess with it.

However, you may find yourself getting short changed if you are not comparing all the options in the marketplace. And as your business grows and your time gets more and more precious, and shipping becomes “a cost of business”. You stop the potential of shipping costs being recovered and even in some cases becoming a profit-making tool.

This is where SEAL Logistics steps in and becomes an extension of your business with a simple shipping platform that gives your business a multi-carrier option. Based on the parcel size, location, and speed of delivery we can put the best prices forward to you in a couple of simple steps.

Switching from a single courier/transport company to a multi-carrier platform model could change the way you do business and save a whole lot of time and money. With the support of an Australian base customer support team SEAL Logistics is leading the way with service and price to help revolutionise business. Highlighted below are some of the many benefits working with SEAL Logistics and having a multi-carrier platform at your disposal could help revolutionise your business.

Rate shopping– For price and service, often courier/transport companies specialise in certain areas such as bulky freight or truck loads, whereas another courier might have better strengths in delivering small express parcels. Asking a single courier to juggle all your customers’ needs and still offer the same price for shipping is unrealistic, which is why it is important not to rely on one courier and switch to a multi-carrier shipping model.

With a multi-carrier shipping platform such as SEAL Logistics, you can compare quotes from a wide range of carriers specific to each package you send, so you can choose the best value service based on the individual requirements.

Save time – Calling around and speaking to multiple carriers can be very time consuming. Working with SEAL logistics multi-carrier platform, you can compare prices and services with arrange of Australia’s top transport companies in a matter of minutes, enabling you to make an informed decision with confidence quickly and efficiently.

SEAL Logistics helps you along the way so there is no need to wait for carriers to arrive and pickup your consignments as we take care of that for you and monitor the carriers to ensure they deliver on their promise and make shipping as convenient for you as possible.

Service flexibility – With the growth of ecommerce over the last decade and the need for higher levels of service and flexibility during the global pandemic the demand from consumers has led to more and more company’s heading online.

SEAL logistics model allows you to compare quotes on price, delivery time and product you are shipping, you can pay a little more for a speedy delivery or simply be patience to save on price.


With all this in mind a multi-carrier delivery strategy will help save time, money and keep your customers returning for more. Therefore, working with SEAL logistics, you will be able to ship with confidence and know you have a national reach to everyone, everywhere.


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