Customer Service and Shipping, the power of delivering an experience.

Jun 30, 2021 | News

Lasting impressions count and this why shipping goes hand in hand with customer service. From leaving a good first impression at checkout with express shipping to decreasing the amount of shipping issues with a reliable shipping solution will be your new customer service secret weapon. This is where teaming up with SEAL Logistics can help take your business to the next level.

First Impressions

When shipping meets your customer’s expectations you are positioned well, not only to generate a returning customer, but you also create the opportunity for positive reviews on your platforms. A helpful tip is 60% of customers say a positive shipping experience will incentivise them to shop again and that’s a lot of returning customers just based on there shipping experience alone.

In the current climate of COVID lockdowns and boarder closures, poor delivery speed is a contentious topic among businesses and consumers alike. Understanding your options regarding shipping can help your business thrive through this and by utilising SEAL Logistics multi-carrier platform can give you the edge you are chasing.

Communicate shipping times

Outlining clear shipping timeframes on checkout is also another way you can manage the expectations and improve the overall customer experience. Clearly defining your delivery times in line with your carrier, informs your customer and builds loyalty.

It’s not only about the delivery, but the collection as well and when your customer gets a notification that their ordered has been collected and is on its way you create an unexpected level of service that will encourage them to come back again and again.

What about when it all goes wrong?

With the huge increase in shipping volumes, we have all experienced delays in our goods getting delivered and its imperative that when this occurs you are backed by a shipping partner that you can rely on and help support your business through the ups and downs of shipments being delayed, damaged, or even lost. You can be reassured SEAL Logistics will stick by you and be here to support through our multiple channels. Our team is based in Australia and know the industry inside and out and is way they can deliver an epic customer support to help your business.

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